Tips On How To Whiten A Yellowed Down Comforter

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Wondering how to whiten a yellowed down comforter? Worry less, and read this article. The beauty of your white comforter is a joy to behold, but it also has some special needs. If you are tired of your old, dingy white comforter and would like to give it a new lease on life then we have some tips for cleaning that will make sure the color never goes away.

Our research shows how easy these methods really can be!

Why Did The Comforter Turn Yellow?

There are two less obvious reasons for you to be aware of. First, food and drink can stain the color of your bedding over time as it absorbs onto fibers inside each blanket or sheet-like material used in making them (yikes!)

 Second; if there’s an old bloodstain on our sheets then that could also cause some serious discoloration because detergents will remove most types of dirt but not its pigment – which means those dark spots would remain no matter what type of cleaner we used!

You may not be aware of it, but your body produces oils while you sleep to keep your skin healthy. However, if these natural moisturizing substances build up on the fabric in an unhealthy manner due to either excessive sweating or bacterial breakouts with no room for air circulation between layers as occurs when wearing tight-fitting clothing all night long then yellowing can occur over time since this type of bacteria thrives best where there’s plenty oxygenation available only through moisture sources such as sweat.

The yellowing of sheets can be caused by detergent residue. If you notice that your linens are becoming lighter in color, it may be because they’ve been contaminated with chemicals from laundry products such as bleach or Showdown! Interactive Soap Box fragrance oils turn the fabric brownish-yellow over time (or even just through exposure). 

You might also have too much sodium Laureth sulfates – this will make any type clogged up nicely when mixed due to their compounds being mutually matching so there’s not enough space available for everything else included within these ingredients lists; leading to them scrambling around trying desperately.

how to whiten a yellowed down comforter

How To Whiten A Yellowed Down Comforter- Tips

What You’ll Need

  • Baking soda
  • Lemon
  • Detergent
  • Dish soap
  • Washing machine. If you don’t have access or want a massive washer/dryer, head over to any laundromat before heading home!

How To Do It

Washing your down comforter is a tedious task, but luckily there are several options for how you can go about it. 

  • Pour lukewarm water into your bedding bucket to avoid damaging the filling. As you’re filling up this container with all kinds of expensive sheets, pillows and comforters make sure that it is filled halfway so there is room left over for more goodies!
  • Depending on how dirty your comforter is, you can either soak it in a bucket for 3 to 5 hours before moving onto step 3 or leave them be and take care of other things while they’re wet. To make sure that all stains come out successfully though we recommend leaving any fabric items like sheets etc., outside the washing machine because if there are too many materials inside then this may cause damage due to an excess amount of pressure being applied by most machines when running multiple cycles with delicate fabrics attached!
  • You can save time by just emptying your bucket into the washing machine. Make sure you check if it’s large enough to comfortably fit all of that comforter because some space will allow for better exposure and therefore faster cleaning!
  • To get your comforter clean, add mild laundry detergent along with dish soap and fill the space in front of your washing machine. The basket should be covered by enough water to cover all items inside it when done running a cycle!
  • To keep your down comforter clean and fluffy, set it on two gentle cycles with the washing machine. Because the delicate fabric is used in making these types of covers they can’t handle anything more inventive than this!
  • When washing your comforter, it is important that you manually adjust the cotton within for even distribution of water pressure. If not done properly can cause wear on fabrics over time which may result in snags or holes!
  • When you’re done washing your down comforter, it needs to be completely dried out so that the feathers are not damaged. It can take a long time for these types of items and should only really ever get put into an electric dryer as opposed to tumbling- drying which helps kill dust mites while also helping with fluffing.
  • When you want your comforter to be as soft and fluffy on day one, it’s best not just throw a pillowcase over the bed. You’ll need some extra help from these tennis balls or dryer companion pieces so that all those laundry days don’t leave their mark inside of any fabric!
  • You can help your down comforter dry quickly and evenly by tumbling it with the wash cycle. This will get rid of any moisture left behind which may lead to mildew or bad odor in addition, tossing them twice during their lifespan can also make sure that you’re getting all possible benefits from this type of clothing! If there is still an issue after following these tips then try airing out for up 2 hours before putting back into use.
  • Well, it’s time for your old comforter to get a makeover! Once dried up (and you’ll know when they are done because the colors will be vibrant) these blankets can easily be reused as decor or warmth in any room.

Bleaching Method

Mix the bleaching solution and soak your down comforter for five minutes. You can use a tub or sink, but it’s best if you take this step near where all of our washing machines are located because there is room on-site to put out any potential bleach spills without much worry about damaging anything else in its path! Once completed soaking time goes ahead and wrings dry before placing back inside a bucket. Then you can wash and dry it.

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