How To Put On A Duvet Cover? – Bedding Guide

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Learn how to put on a duvet cover in this short guide. I know frustrating it is to struggle with your comforter and duvet cover? It’s like wrestling a bear, only in reverse. And we’re here for you! With these cheats from our favorite experts-in bedding maintenance, making the process becomes almost too easy — which means less time wasted on messy tasks such as folding laundry or grocery shopping while trying desperately not to soil anything else around ya’.

This article will show some quick tips

How To Put On A Duvet Cover

Traditional Way

  • Now that you have laid out your bedding, it’s time to put on the cover.
  • Make sure everything is aligned and flat before continuing with this step so as not to disrupt any corners or wrinkles in their current state!
  • Flip over one side of each piece (comforter/duvet) at a time until they are both inside-out; grab hold near top two corners where there will be an “x” shaped opening between them which allows for folding edges along opposite sides when finished being sewn together—no need get tangled up here mindlessly sewing away as I did back then my bad 😉
  • Once done making adjustments if necessary secure these open ends by pulling hard toward yourself.
  • To make sure your new comforter is well-sited in the duvet cover, take two corners of it and stuff them into each side. Shake off any excess fabric before fluffing up like you would a pillow!

The California Rolling Method

  • Tucked into a cozy bed, what better way to start your day than with the perfect outfit? For some extra warmth on those cold mornings in wintertime or summer afternoons when you’re not sleeping under covers all night long—place an old blanket over yourself.
  • The first thing that should go back onto any mattress again after cleaning it out well during the move-in week is its duvet cover; turn this inside out so there are no wrinkles left behind! Laying down flat against where ever stands will make sure everything stays put while also providing more coverage than just throwing another layer atop things…
  • We’re almost done! Once you have the comforter and duvet cover rolled up, it will look like a big tube. The next thing we need to do is those pesky edges that keep popping out of place while rolling – just trim them with scissors or a knife if needed (careful where cuts can occur).
  • Now all there is left in this process might seem daunting at first glance but getting started isn’t too hard.
  • Put the end of your duvet cover where you close it up in a roll, then stuff all four sides. Position this on top or near one side so that when zipped shut it will fit underneath mattress edges with feet flat against the floor before tying off tight enough not to come undone during sleeping hours but loose-fitting for breathing room through night’s rest
  • This way if someone has allergies they can still enjoy some peaceful dreams!
  • Enjoy your bed.
how to put on a duvet cover

How To Put It The Nova Way

Using the Nova duvet cover is easy and intuitive. A small tab on each side allows you to easily thread your comforter through its respective slot, then simply pull down tight until all four corners meet in the middle at their bottom.

Though there are several ways of doing this depending upon what type of mattress it will be used with or if one wants more bedding coverage than just two sides covered – once they’re closed up nice ‘n’ snugly beneath your blankets…you’ll have a perfect night’s sleep every single time!

  • When you want to replace your old comforter with a new one, use these simple steps. First, start by laying the Nova Duvet Cover flat atop of mattress Zipper side up Unzip it and then lay out all pieces so that they are visible but not trapped within any corners or inside pockets where dirt can get stuck during cleaning.
  • Now simply match them together.
  • As you stuff the comforter into each corner of your duvet cover, make sure to secure it with Nova’s handy interior ties. This should help keep any corners from slipping out when wet!
  • You can shake out any excess material when necessary without worrying about snagging or pulling on anything else in sight (it’s like having an instant new cover!). Then zip up and voila: No more shabby zippers! 
  • It’s time to enjoy your perfectly made bed! You did it yourself, and you should be proud. Smooth out the wrinkles on that duvet cover now so you can get into those comfy sheets as soon as possible.

Duvet Sizes

What’s the Right Size for You? 

The duvet covers and sizes of beds vary depending on what kind, or type of location it will be used. Whether your home has a king-sized mattress with an extra-wide headboard; two single mattresses pushed together to make up that lost space between them because they’re too far apart without being able too much room between each layer when laid out flat (a “Twin XL”), there is always something available no matter how big/small one needs!

Using the space you have available is all about personal preference. Most people in highly populated urban areas like NYC or San Francisco don’t have enough room for a California King, but Queen sized beds are the most popular choice. Twins can work well if your children are small enough and single adults need less bedding than couples with two grownups to do.

The right side of your duvet is critical to ensure that you have enough covers and not too many underneaths. You should purchase at least 12″ longer than 16″, but if need be 36” for extra deep mattresses or fluffy pads – this will give it plenty of room while also making sure there aren’t any wrinkles when they’re laid out flat!

The perfect amount depends on what look/size preference one has: whether flatter & smoother-looking beds through using smaller inserts which can reduce risk factors involved in having them slip off due exposure; however giving more emphasis towards acquiring an eye-catching decoration.

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