How To Put A Throw Blanket On A Bed

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It is very easy to learn how to put a throw blanket on a bed. Throw blankets are perfect for adding personality and warmth to a room. They can be used as an accent, or you could use one on its own if your style is more casual-traditional! Stylists recommend throwing them into different outfits so they don’t get boring quickly – just like how we wear different clothing each day at home.

How To Put A Throw Blanket On A Bed- Breakdown

You can choose any of these methods to put a throw blanket on your bed.

Place It Towards The End Of Your Bed

The way you make your bed in the morning can either be very simple or it could have some interesting elements. If there’s nothing on top, just fold up any blankets so they lay flat against each other and align them with an end sage of your mattress before draping over one corner at the bottom where I suggest using larger pieces for texture than fine ones due to their bulkiness (although this might not work well if yours are tiny). You may also want to add more color by folding smaller items such as pillows.

Spread It On The Bed To Show All Sides

To make a space feel like it has more depth, use layers with your throw blankets. If you have different textures or sizes available for throws then mix them up in interesting ways to create visual interest!

One easy way is by layering the same fabric on both sides of an item before hanging it up this will give those who walk into the room surprise when they see what looks like two completely separate designs without knowing how much time went into making everything look so effortlessly stylish.

how to put a throw blanket on a bed

Use The Tidy Folding Method

To get a neat look, use the folds of the throw blanket to create an accordion-like shape. First, lay it out flat on one side then fold up from this edge into thirds; Next do another half turn by placing both hands underneath so that now there are three layers: outermost layer ( disparate ), middle section(folded)and finally inserting the material beneath these.

Now you’re all set for a restful night’s sleep! Place your folded blanket over a corner of the bed, smoothing it properly if needed. Add in some extra comfort with an inflatable pillow or three placed ahead so that when insomnia strikes – as surely will happen-you still feel relief at finding these tips have helped get rid of what stress has caused those anxious dreams again.

Use The Flip Flop Method

To achieve a more laid-back look, start folding one side of the blanket into half and matching up corners. Then simply flip it over your arm so that both sides are now facing down on an edge next to you or arrange pillows accordingly when done styling! Arrange the blanket edges as well as pillows as you like them.

Try The Tossing Method

With this easy method, you can have a great look without having to do any sewing or hunting for threads. Simply fold your throw into half vertically once more and pinch its middle section between your fingers until it becomes tight before tossing it on top of the bed you want to be covered.

With just one quick flick, this throw will have you covered. If happy with where it lands then leave as is or add pillows for more sofa protection! But if not- toss again and get something different out on top of your bed instead.

The Drape Style

This is a great way to keep your bedding clean and away from stains. First, fold it in thirds lengthwise so you have an accordion-like effect with each layer separated by creases or folds; then align the blanket’s edge at eye level on either side of the headboard is used as a cover for a standard twin size mattress only (not deep pocket style). Make sure ends extend beyond sides slightly enough that they don’t get caught when pulling down blankets after turning out lights!

When you make your bed, the blanket must be balanced so that both ends will hang evenly. If this isn’t possible or convenient for some reason (ease of making), then drape a corner of the folded cloth over as though doing yoga; angled at about 45 degrees from vertical:

Storing The Throw Blankets Properly

  • Store TheThrows in a Basket or Boxes – You can also use these large baskets to hold your blankets. Just make sure they’re clean and dry before putting them away because any dirt will show through the fabric of most throws when stored this way!
  • Keep One on Hand at All Times- It might sound silly but I always keep one throw blanket near me while sitting down so that if someone needs something warm quickly (especially children), there’s not much time lost getting back up again anyway 🙂
  • Another place to display your blankets is inside one lidded basket. If you want something more laid back, pull out one corner of the throw blanket and let it fall into an open container on top or beside him so that he can enjoy his favorite warmth while looking at how great she looks doing such a thing!
  • Stashing your favorite blankets is now easy with a storage bench. It’s got five different colors, like cherry or vintage white so you can find the perfect match for all of that softness! The baskets also functioned as an excellent place to keep other essentials such as tea towels or beach mats while keeping them out on display where they’re still easily accessible but not taking up too much space either way due to its multifunctional design.
  • Throwing the blankets inside a rolling hamper is the perfect way to keep them clean and organized. You can also push it straight to your laundry room till whenever you have to start washing, without worrying about taking up valuable space in another room or putting together an elaborate frame-based system as some people do with their sheets!

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