How To Knit A Blanket With Straight Needles – Guide

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Today, we will show you how to knit a blanket with straight needles. The best way to keep warm on a cold night is with an old-fashioned knit blanket. It will refresh you after your day, and help take away any tired feelings that may have come from being indoors all morning! A well-designed knitted piece can be made when time allows – they are perfect companions for those long winter nights.

Knitting is a skill that requires little know-how and can be done by anyone. Even those without extensive experience will have no trouble creating their blanket from scratch!

We know that knitting can be daunting for beginners, so we’ve created this guide to show you how it’s done. Our experienced team is happy when people find their endeavors worthwhile after completing the project!

How To Knit A Blanket With Straight Needles- Breakdown

What You Need

The straight knitting needles are used for blankets,  stockings, and socks. Make sure you have the right size as well as an accurate ruler to measure. These tools can be purchased from any craft store or online retailer such as Amazon Prime. You will also need some scissors of course!

how to knit a blanket with straight needles

Follow these steps

Decide On The Size

When deciding on the size of your new knitted blanket, you must take into consideration what will be used for. Different sizes are available from small to large but always choose an ideal measurement no matter which one suits best with dimensions such as width and length between the user’s knees or hips!

The measurement of a small lap blanket is 24 inches wide and 48 long. It’s perfect for those who love to wrap up in their warm comforters on chilly winter nights!

The perfect medium blanket is a compromise between warmth and comfort. The width should be 30 inches, but the length can range from 50-60 inches depending on your needs for space or how much you stuff into it!

For a large lap blanket, the width of the material will be 50 inches, which means it can cover up all parts in between including their face for protection against winds or other elements that might cause temperatures to drop below freezing point!

Buy Knitting Needle

Use the needles that are best suited for your project. circular or straight, depending on what you want to do; both options will help ensure a seamless blanket! But we will recommend a straight needle.

If it’s not long enough though (and this could happen if say) try adding another yarn over at some points where there seem like they might be gaps while knitting with multiple colors so everything matches up nicely result: an uneven edge free from puckering due shrinkage).

Choose A Good Yarn

The choice of yarn can be a daunting one, but there are some general guidelines. For example, a regular medium-weight lap blanket will require 5-10 balls for each side (depending on how large you want your finished product).

If it’s going to become an extra-large or very small project then more than 1 ball per square inch may prove necessary; again just trying not to exceed what has been mentioned above in regards to standard sizes/dimensions when knitting any kind.

When knitting a blanket, you have the option of using one color or many. It’s up to your creativity and taste! The type of yarn doesn’t affect how good it will be for this project as long as its quality meets the appropriate standards required by craft projects like these in general.

You’ve decided that you want to knit a blanket for yourself or your loved ones. Gather all of the supplies needed, and then get started on this fun project!

Note: If you want to follow a specific pattern or design for knitting your blanket, at least one person must make the basic guide.

Otherwise, the result may not look accurate once all is said and done because each stitch used in this type of work varies depending on what round they are being worked into–and without an original sample from which we can learn how things should go up next time around, there will be some serious confusion as far accuracy goes! 

Patterning is super helpful if I don’t already know my way around town when starting new projects.

Start Knitting

After completing the above steps and gathering all of your materials, it’s time to start a new project. First, determine how many stitches you need for this knitting endeavor: 

You can check on gauge using either yarn labels or feel for elasticity (this will help with determining whether there should be more mitered corners).

To determine how many stitches you will need for your project, multiply the gauge by itself and then add another number. For example: if I wanted to make an 18″x24 blanket with 4 inch wide stripes in stockinette stitch using needles

When it comes to the size of your lap blanket, there are three popular options: small (96 stitches), medium(120), and large/queen-sized blankets which require 160. The perfect number for you will depend on how big an area in front of where someone could use their legs while sitting down; this could range anywhere from 5’4″ up until 6’6″.

Any project whose dimensions exceed these numbers must include points along both sides.

Do The Finishing

The finishing step is to tie in ends, seam any pieces together and block. Knots used for securing the yarn can result in loose threads that need to be woven into your blanket stitches with a suitable needle before being cut short or tied off depending on preference/needle size required by material thickness.

We all know how difficult it is to find the right needles for our projects. If you’re a beginner, then straight ones will work best with this project! We’ve taught one simple step and also explained what size blanket yarn needs so that your knitted items can be durable enough without being too tight or loose depending on where they fall into that categories-literally every knitters’ level of experience.

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