How to Keep Sheets on Bed: 5 Easy Ways

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Do you want to know how to make your sheets stay on your bed even when you jump and land on them after a long day? Do you want to make them stay put even when you are twisting and turning as you sleep? Well, some people are moving sleepers that love to find the perfect position, and you can imagine how much twisting and turning goes into that.

So when sleep movers wake up in the morning, they often find their sheets halfway off the bed or even on the floor. Does this sound like you? Then you know you need a solution. Most people buy their sheets to increase the comfort they experience while they sleep… so we sought out some solutions. Before we get into the solutions we found, let’s first answer the question below.

Why Won’t My Sheets Stay on the Bed?

There are several reasons why your sheets may keep coming off of the bed.

  • They are not the right size – For you to keep your sheets on your bed, you need to first ensure that they are long enough and wide enough to cover the full mattress and have some more space for tucking in.
  • You are a moving sleeper – Although this should be a secondary issue, moving around a lot in your sleep can be one of the reasons your sheets keep coming off.
  • You don’t take time to dress the bed well – If you hurry to flip the sheets over the bed because you are tired, you may end up having to deal with falling sheets.

How to Keep Sheets on Bed

Below, you should find some simple tips that we have outlined to help you ensure that your sheets stay on your bed all night long, no matter how hard and rough you sleep.

1. Fasten the Sheets With Clip Suspenders

This has to be the oldest method known to man since the invention of bed sheets. Clip suspenders may be new tools, but suspending the sheets isn’t. Clipping the sheets with suspenders not only helps you keep your sheets in place, but they also help to keep the rumples away.

2. Use Mattress Cover With Zippers

This is the easiest way to ensure that your sheets stay on your bed. Although this means that you will have more work to do when you are washing the sheets, it makes keeping the sheets on much easier and more comfortable for you.

Zipper sheets feel like mattress clothes and should be easy to wear if they are the perfect size for your mattress. Note that you can also decide to have extra sheets on top of those.

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3. Use Safety Pins

Safety pins will do a great job when it comes to keeping sheets on the bed. You might need at least three pins on each side of the bed, attached to the mattress, to keep the sheets firm, fitted, and tight. You have to be careful with the pins as they can come off, and the last thing you want to have to deal with is domestic hazards.

4. Hold Them Down With Straps

Holding the sheets down with straps will keep your sheets properly stretched out and fitted on your bed. However, you have to note that they are not the ideal solution if you don’t like to feel anything on your body aside from the mattress while you sleep.

5. Use Sheets That Are Wide Enough

Using any of the above-listed tips will not do you a lot of good if you don’t have wide enough sheets because they will keep contracting toward the center of the bed. Keep the sheets wide enough and long enough to give extra room for tucking in.

Why is it Important to Keep the Sheets on Your Bed?

There are a few reasons why you should make sure that your sheets stay on your bed. These are some of the most important:

  • Having loose fitted sheets not only makes your room look unkempt and disorganized; it also makes your sleep a little less enjoyable.
  • Having bunched up sheets moving around when you are sleeping can disrupt your sleeping patterns and result in bad sleep.
  • The placement of your bedsheets says a lot about your personality and how organized you are. No matter how beautiful every other part of your room is, if your bed looks disorganized, your visitors will most likely judge you based on that.
  • Give your room that sophisticated look, and you will find more peace with yourself, your room, and your mental health.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest reasons why you will need to keep your sheets in place is to make sure you sleep uninterrupted. You also want to make sure they stay put for organization and neatness. Follow the steps above and you will find it easier than ever to keep them securely in place, which will allow you to have a great night of deep sleep!

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