How To Fold A Blanket – Bedding Guide

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It is best you learn how to fold a blanket to keep your room tidy.

You know that feeling when you get to pull out all your blankets at once? It’s such a relief, and it makes for some great snuggles with friends during cold chills. But let’s be real – there are only so many large ones in this closet before they start getting odds against them (pun intended).

So what can we do about those overflowing shelves or limited spaces where our favorite throws lie untouched?! We always try making the most outside help possible by using efficiency measures like folding up their excess length into small bundles which saves room.

In other words, the best way to live with less stuff is by compacting and organizing your blanket. When you fold up a few items, it will give you those precious inches that allow for better visibility when looking in the drawer of an outdoor survival kit or suitcase- these are necessary supplies!

How To Fold A Blanket For Storage Purposes

You can store your blankets by folding them. This will make the blanket smaller and more manageable for storage, or you could use it as decoration if that’s what suits your style! Here are some tips on how to fold up those thick comfy sheets so they’re ready when needed without taking up too much space in their respective bedsides.

how to fold a blanket
  • Once you have unfolded the blanket, lay it flat on any surface. To make this easier for yourself though if necessary just fold up your blankets and place them in a heap before stretching out each corner of said material until they meet with one another perfectly across from edge-to-edge. This will ensure there are no gaps or wrinkles anywhere along their length when done being careful not to break off anything near where the adhesive was used during production since these things don’t always hold well enough once broken free unless glued back together again later which we all know takes forever!
  • To create a fold, start by dividing the blanket into two equal parts. Hold each corner and bring them towards your opposite side until you have made three separate layers with this technique for folded blankets of any shape or size!
  • Even the most simple of tasks can be a challenge when you’re undressed, but make sure to pay attention because this will help with any wrinkles or folds in your blanket. Just run your hands over top starting from middle outwards until everything looks nice and neat!
  • You can fold your blanket in half to make it smaller, or you could just store the covers as is and continue storing them that way. Remember though: if we want our sheets stored neatly away for easy access (and because they’ll stay compact), then don’t go too far with this process!

How To Roll A Blanket On Your Bed

  • When you fold your blanket, make sure to straighten out any uneven edges. This will help keep the sheet from creasing or wrinkling when it’s time for storage and also allow faster folds without much effort on behalf of yourself!
  • When you tuck in one end of your sheet, make sure that it is secured with an elastic band or fold. Then push the other side down and pinch together at either corner so there’s no gap for air to leak through before rolling up for storage purposes.”
  • The best way to keep your blanket rolling is by folding it in thirds. This ensures an even distribution of weight and makes for easy storage when not being used, so you won’t need any extra space on the floor or elsewhere! Bring one edge towards the middle while laying the other hand atop both sides like shown above; then bring up the remaining third onto fingers just below where they touched – giving us four neat little squares (or rolls).
  • Next, carefully fold in half on top of itself. Make sure that you don’t crease or wrinkle any parts when doing so!
  • Flip one side over to make it easier for rolling up later- this will ensure a nice tight roll without having loose ends sticking out everywhere (not good).
  • Place your hand at either end while guiding them both under their respective edges then slowly start pulling away from each other until all four sides meet again; finish by folding back along original lines.
  • To ensure a tight roll, start from one side and work towards the other. Pinching between your hands will help secure it while rolling up tightly in strips or turns as needed for different shaped blankets- just be sure not to leave any gaps! 
  • The folded blanket should be secure, but not too tight. You can use your hands to keep it from unrolling while you rest either knee on top of the rolled-up fabric for extra support if needed!

How To Fold A Thick Blanket

A thick blanket is perfect for cold days. It might be hard to fold when it’s dry, but you can easily do so once the item has been washed and dried out again—just make sure not to manipulate with more force than necessary since this may cause damage on both sides of your folding-boudoir sheets!

The best way to store a thick blanket is by folding it in half and then thirds. This will not only make the item smaller but also easier for you when storing because there won’t be as much material surrounding your house!

Where To Store Your Blankets

When it comes to storing blankets, there are several creative ways you can do so. One of the best methods is placing them inside a display cabinet with other decorative items like lamps and art pieces for example! It’s also possible that someone might prefer keeping their favorite comforter near at hand by putting this in an open area such as on top shelves or against walls where they won’t be knocked over easily during times of high winds stormy weather.

You can use a display cabinet, basket, or box to store your blankets. You might also want to use another towel rack or blanket for added space!

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