Here’s How To Fold A Blanket Into A Pillow

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How to fold a blanket into a pillow? How to start? I’d answer all that shortly. We all know that feeling of warmth and comfort when wrapping yourself in a blanket, whether it be on cold days or just to relax. A lot more than clothes can do for clothing purposes these are essential parts of our lives! They keep us warm by preserving bodily heat which would otherwise get lost through convection during warmer months-especially at night time if you’re sleeping/resting etc.

Another reason why they’re great: sometimes people have trouble falling asleep because their room feels too hot; an extra layer between skin & mattress helps regulate temperature so there isn’t any discomfort after resting while.

You can now use them to provide extra support and comfort when sleeping, as well as decorate your home! There are many ways to fold up a blanket that will fit into smaller spaces or make it look more stylish around the house – but these ideas don’t just appeal visually; they also help you stay healthy by keeping cold air out in the winter months.

how to fold a blanket into a pillow

How To Fold A Blanket Into A Pillow- Breakdown

The Easy Folding Method

  • Now it’s time to start your blanket! Start by folding the fabric in half lengthwise. Make sure you fold each side exactly as shown so that they match up with one another perfectly when we go next steps.”
  • Once you have it folded in half, now make your way back to where the strip was originally and fold over once more so that both sides are still attached.
  • To create a neat fold, start by bringing the opposite side of your blanket together. (It should meet in between two already-folded sections.)
  • Now you have created a pocket in your blanket. Put the last bit of wrapped part into this newly formed slot and enjoy!
  • Now you’re all set with a new pillow that is perfect for your needs. Just put it in the case and give them away!

The Triple Fold

  • This is an example of how to fold the blanket in such a way that it will fit perfectly into your pocket. 
  • -First, put one end onto a table so you can see both sides at once; make sure they are facing each other tightly before proceeding with the next steps! It should look like this image (on left).
  • Now it’s time to turn your blanket over and put it on top of that side with a pocket. The long rectangle will lead away from your body as you go, so be sure not to get caught off guard if someone approaches from behind!
  • To make sure your blanket fits perfectly in each pocket, start from the top and fold down. Then tuck away all three layers until only one remains-the size of their respective compartment on an average person’s hips or knees! When you’re done with this last section there will be no volume left over for anything else; it’s as if they disappeared into thin air (which can happen sometimes).
  • To make a blanket pillow, first, lift the top layer of fabric that is covering your pocket and thread it through both layers. Be careful not to get them bunched together or they may feel rough against the skin when lying flat again; but if you can manage this without too much difficulty then congratulations! You now have yourself an efficient way for getting comfortable on those long flights with nothing else around but these two pillows (and maybe some headphones).

Donut Fold

  • Grab a corner of your blanket with one hand and roll up, like you’re making a scroll.
  • Keeping the blanket rolled up, twist it gently until it looks like you’ve created awesome meat goodies!
  • It’s time to bring out the cleaner side of your blanket. fold it inside-out so that you can work on both sides easily without getting too messy or having trouble with snags in particular spots because there are many layers when making this step!
  • Your new favorite blanket is ready for use! Simply adjust the size of your donut to fit whatever needs you may have, whether it’s under yourself or placed over another object. Maybe even combine this with other pillows on either side- depending on how much room there is in between them -and create an extra snug cavity that will keep pressure off wrists while also providing support during sleep time

Secure Fold

The coming cold months are going to be a great time for napping and snuggles. In addition, you might want some extra pillows around the house– why not turn those old blankets into nice new ones? It’s easy with our folding steps!

  • When you lay your blanket to the ground, make sure it’s open and free of any wrinkles or creases.
  • Fold the cloth in half so that both sides are lined up properly before rolling up for storage!
  • With one edge tucked under, grab the center of your blanket with both hands and pull up. Here’s how it looks when you’re done!
  • The third step in creating your blanket roll is tucking the edge of the fabric underneath itself and then rolling up. This creates an enclosed space where you can store extra blankets for when they’re needed most!
  • To roll up your blanket, first, fold it in thirds and then divide it into three equal sections. Bring one side to the middle of where you want it laid out so that both sides are even with each other before laying down again on top for good measure- this will ensure neat rolls! To achieve the best result, you must roll your blanket tightly. If this seems difficult for some reason or if there are gaps at either end of where we want our completed product to sit once finished with rolling- just unroll what has been rolled out and try again!
  • With both hands placed alongside each other on top front edge then move down into fold provoking crease/kink between middle third & bottom two thirds before gently stretching towards opposite sides.

Why Fold A Blanket Into A Pillow?

Handy items like pillowcases or comforters can make the most uncomfortable thing in your home feel luxurious. Imagine having to sleep on an old, scratchy couch with no comfort at all just because you don’t have time for fresh linens!

With these handy blankets as covers though, that won’t be necessary anymore since they provide cushioning and warmth while also lending their softness towards ergonomic support so users get better rest without feeling too stuffed up after closing their eyes tight waiting ‘til the morning comes.

The throw blanket is also a great way to cushion the couch for overnight guests. You can just take this extra layer and wrap it around your sofa, giving you an instant pillow!

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