How to Dry Bed Sheets

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Of the most efficient way is to use an electric or gas dryer but to hang them is the most economical ways.

Let us look at some of the ways how to dry bed sheets fast and easily to get them ready for the next use.

How to Dry Your Bed Sheets

Below are some ways to dry your bed sheets that you should try out if you are looking for long-lasting results that will maintain the quality of your sheets.

1. Wring them thoroughly

Most people wash clothes but don’t give enough consideration to wringing them out. Whether you are using a dryer or a clothesline, wringing them out well helps ensure that the clothes will dry faster and the colors won’t fade too quickly.

With bed sheets, it should be much easier for you, as they dry up twice as fast and are easier to wash, wring, and fold. Wring the sheets thoroughly before you prepare them for drying.

2. Shake the bed sheets to remove more water

Sometimes, wringing may not be enough to remove the water in the sheets. You can also shake them like you are trying to splash the water out of them to ensure that you have rid them of most of the wetness that will slow down the drying process.

3. Clip both ends to the line

If you are using a clothesline, you don’t want to leave your sheets alone to swing and dance to the rhythm of the wind. They can fall off the rope and into the mud or anything that might stain them. Should that happen, your efforts would have been futile.

Thus, make sure that you don’t clip only one side to the rope because the other side could slide down, and that’s just as bad as having the entire thing off the rope. Hook both ends and let it stay still while it gets dry.

4. Iron your sheets before they get completely dry

It is easier to get your sheets dry when you iron them on an ironing board before they get completely dry. One reason is that they won’t get too rough and have those wrinkled and rumpled lines on them. Get them off the line just as they feel dry but still a bit damp.

If you follow all these steps listed above, drying your bed sheets will not look like a lot of work to you anymore.

However, while you dry your sheets, one thing you should be paying attention to is how to ensure that the sheets are properly taken care of. How do you do that?

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How to Care for Your Bed Sheets

Caring for your bed sheets may sound like an easy thing to do, especially if you think you simply have to wash them and dry them. Below is an idea of how to care for your sheets beyond just washing and drying.

  • Wash them frequently – I am sure you were expecting to see this one on the list. Washing your sheets frequently will make them look new for longer if they are high-quality sheets.
  • Store matching sheets together – This eradicates the issue of getting the colors of one sheet on the other. It also makes it easy for you to decide what colors you want to have on your bed.
  • Iron them with low heat – Aside from the fact that you can burn your sheets if you use extreme heat when ironing, you can also affect the colors and the texture of your sheets if you have the heat too high.
  • Care for special fabrics especially – This has nothing to do with the cost of the sheets but with the level of importance you place on them. If you don’t want to ruin them prematurely, pay more attention to how you treat and use them.

How Frequently Should You Wash and Dry Your Bed Sheets?

Normally, how often you wash your sheets should depend on how you use them. If you use your sheets roughly or have a lot of kids that can mess them up, you need to wash them more frequently.

Another thing that can influence how often you should wash your sheets is how much you sweat. You don’t want to lie on the same sheets that you sweat on the previous night. The discomfort can mar your sleep.

Final Thoughts

Drying your bed sheets, as mentioned earlier, may look like something you can do with ease, but if you do it incorrectly, you may end up giving yourself more work at the end of the day. You might also ruin the color, shape, and style of the sheets. However, if you follow the ideas above, it should be easy for you.

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