How To Clean An Electric Blanket – Washing Tips

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In this guide, you will learn how to clean an electric blanket.

What’s the best way to keep warm during winter? It might be electric blankets, but what if they need some TLC themselves! Knowing how to wash an Electric Blanket isn’t as intuitive for most people living in their own homes with organized laundry rooms. Heated or Powered by electricity these soft fabric panels can take quite a beating before showing signs of wear and tear; however, there are a few steps you should follow when caring for your new favorite piece of clothing (or purchase).

Here are some tips for keeping your electric blanket in tip-top shape when the winter cold sets in.

how to clean an electric blanket

Is It Okay To Wash An Electric Blanket?

Washing your electric blanket is a simple task that you might not know how to do. First and foremost, check with the manufacturer about washing recommendations for their particular product type because there could be some variation between brands when it comes down to what steps need to be taken to keep things running smoothly

However, certain factors will affect whether or not they recommend a Machine wash cycle (more common). For example; If I bought my fabric-based version from Target aside from those made out of vinyl materials.

We know how frustrating it can be when the instructions don’t work for you. That’s why we have a variety of additional helpful hints to get your electric blanket clean!

Can You Wash The Blankets In A Washing Machine?

Yes but the first thing you should do is unplug and disconnect it from all electrical sources. If your manufacturer says that they can be used with a “washer,” then go ahead and load up – but make sure to read any instructions on how long these products last before using them inside or around water because some may only hold their charge for about six months.”

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure the blanket will fit in your machine before taking it somewhere that doesn’t have larger commercial washers.

How To Clean An Electric Blanket In A Washing Machine

  • To get your clothes as clean and fresh-smelling as possible, set the washing machine to a gentle or delicate cycle.
  • Use a mild detergent so you don’t damage any of their fabric with too much strength of soap sudsing up in there!
  • After running through its full course (or five minutes if need timed), turn off when prompted by a light blue button on the front panel.
  • Then leave those goodies soaking while doing other things around the house before starting the next rinse/spin session.

How To Dry An Electric Blanket Inside A Dryer

To make sure your blanket is always ready for use, don’t forget to set it on low heat and timer for 10-15 minutes. Then take off the folded fabric from inside out so that you can hang up or line dry outside!

When you’re done cleaning, make sure to spread out the blanket well and check for any wiring that may have shifted during your drying process. (If there isn’t a low heat setting on yours then just hang it!) If high temperatures damage anything inside of these blankets then we’ll end up with short circuits or even fires!

Washing And Drying Tips

  • When it comes to dry cleaning, you may think that there are more gentle methods of washing an electric blanket. This isn’t the case! There are harsh chemicals used in this process that can damage both its insulation and heating elements which will make sure nothing runs smoothly on inside of them after being cleaned with strange substances from a store shelf or even at home when doing some routine maintenance (like shaking out).
  • The best way for a blanket to dry is either by air or if you want it less moist and more delicate, then lay the item over something sturdy like your shower rod. Lace out clotheslines so that they can bear some weight as well! Make sure not to plug anything into an outlet until all moisture has evaporated from inside of its fabric because mold will start growing quickly when wet items come in contact with each other.
  • You should never iron an electric blanket. You could damage the insulation that is around the heating elements and that will lead to safety issues for you, as well as other people in their house who may also use those same appliances!
  • Take care while using the Laundromat’s commercial dryer since it can get hotter than normal household machines and cause damage to your blanket. It is best if you set this type on low heat, remove any items that may melt or smolder when exposed to long periods (such as bedding), and keep an eye out for signs that tell users their clothes have been too much exposed before removing them from these appliances entirely!
  • When you’re done using your dryer, remove the blanket and hang it up or you could lay flat on top of some paper towels. Don’t leave a wet electric heater inside where its electricity could shorts out-it could start an fire!

How To Inspect Your Blanket To Check For Damage

Inspecting your blanket after drying will help make sure that the blanket is in proper condition. Also, look for tears as well as burned areas that could be on your fabric, if you notice anything wrong with these parts of the item then set it aside so as not to damage other components inside; but before doing this be aware that older cloths may have been heated too much during use which could cause problems such as damaged wires inside!

When it comes to electric blankets, you should always be cautious. Keep the Blanket away from other items such as clothing and towels because they can cause a lot of problems for both yourself as well your purchase if anything were to happen between them! You might also want to avoid placing an already tangled-up blanket inside another dryer with power running through its wires- this could result in short circuits that will harm not only those parts but others too throughout our whole house panel system (elevator buttons etc).

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