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We will provide tips on how to clean an air mattress. Air beds are a great way to provide extra sleeping space for guests. However, not just any old air mattress must do! Make sure you follow these simple steps so that your guest room has an awesome new bedding experience.

The air bed can be a great addition to your home, but it needs regular cleaning for you, and everyone else sleeping on them to feel their best. Air beds are prone not just because of dirt accumulation from being left out all day or week; mold also thrive in these conditions which could give an unpleasant odor as well allergens that will affect those who sleep near one constantly inhaling charged particles while trying to get some closure after waking suddenly at night!

That’s right, your trusty old air mattress is about to get the royal treatment. We’ll be taking care of all those pesky odors and keeping you safe from any potential mold growth with our guide on how best to clean an inflatable bed–including why this type needs regular maintenance!

Importance Of Cleaning Your Air Mattress

The importance of cleaning your air mattress cannot be understated. Though it may seem like a simple task, the dirt and bacteria that accumulate on an inflatable object will only cause problems down the line as they become more difficult to remove than ever before.

In other words, your air mattress is a haven for dirt. It picked up all of the grime you tracked in from being on the floor to sleeping next time someone sleepovers with their blow-up bed! People also leave behind dead skin cells which get stuck between its fabric panels over time – leaving them embedded deep within each pocket where they don’t belong (or at least shouldn’t). And if we keep our inflatable couches closet or basement? Well then there’s mold growth potential as well; not good news considering how many closets these things end up

Routinely cleaning out dirt and bacteria will not only ensure its longevity; doing so also protects people who might be allergic or sensitive towards certain smells inside their home!

The first step in caring for this big-screen accessory should always start by unzipping (or zipping) itself before getting started.

how to clean an air mattress

Preparing The Mattress For Cleaning

  • When it comes time to clean your air mattress, be sure that the pump is removed from the inside and kept away for safety purposes. If not already done so when inflating or deflating an older model with no detachable pumps available then you should always unplug all electrical devices close enough (such as TVs) because they can cause sparks which may lead to dangerous consequences if handled improperly!
  • Next, clean the air mattress by removing all sheets and blankets. Throw these in a washing machine while you go over each inch of it with a cleaner!
  • It is time to vacuum it. To get your mattress clean, first, run the hose attachment down its top material and cover every inch or so. Next, go over each side of it while flipping over once you reach its bottom area so that they are both vacuumed thoroughly from all angles – this will prevent stains!

How To Clean An Air Mattress- Methods

Light Cleaning Method

Spot cleaning is the best way to keep your air mattress in top shape. If you have a stain on an area that features velvety material, avoid scrubbing directly over this spot as it may damage more than just one layer and cause gaps elsewhere under intense pressure from brushes or vacuums (which we all know will mess up their texture).

Follow these steps:

  1. First, dip a sponge into a cleaner solution then squeeze out excess liquid.
  2. Next lightly dab edges onto which there are darker spots till they disappear beneath the smooth surface finish.
  3. Wipe the areas where stains are present with a cloth dampened in water. Blot gently and repeat if necessary to get rid of all soap residue.
  4. If scrubbing does not work, you can also try using soft bristles on an old toothbrush or Sprinkler attachment for cleaning brushes (this is what we recommend).

Deep Cleaning Method

Your air mattress can be deep-cleaned with no fear of damaging its primary material. If you have a polyvinyl chloride or urethane plastic surface, give it some love and enjoy the good times!

  1. First of all, find yourself some cloth that’s dipped in the cleaning solution and wrung out so there are no excess liquids on it before beginning your routine procedure for getting rid of dirt stains from the top-to-bottom!
  2. Make sure to use only mild soap or solution on these delicate materials as harsh chemicals can damage them over time.
  3. To remove stains from a mattress, wipe down its surface with an old cloth. Use another dry one after cleaning for it not to be so slippery when you lie on top of them at night!

To remove human or urine from the mattress, you can try using some baking soda and then wiping it away. This will work for most cases but if your pet has done permanent damage to their bedding material please contact them soon so that they may get replaced before the problem gets worse!

How To Dry The Air Mattress

After washing your air mattress, the best way to dry it is by setting it outside in direct sunlight. To speed up the drying process, place your airbed near a fan. If you live in cold areas however it is best to set out on sunny days so that all of its moisture can escape before getting too moldy!

If your mattress is made of a soft material, such as velour or velvet and it takes more than 2 hours to air-dry then you should consider getting new sheets.

Mattresses that are covered with these types of fabrics need plenty of time for ventilation because they can’t be machine-washed easily without causing damage which means all those bacteria would start growing again!

You can prevent moisture from accumulating within the folds of your mattress by inflating it during the drying process. This will keep air bubbles away and accelerate how quickly you’ll be done!

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