Nexus WordPress Theme

Price: $89 for 87 themes and 3 plugins



Nexus is a beautiful and powerful WordPress theme designed by Elegant Themes. It is meant for fully featured news, blog and magazine sites. Elegant Theme is also known for designing the popular Divi theme. However, both themes offer exclusive functions and features.

The Nexus theme has the capability to handle a wide range of content and presenting it in a substantially attractive manner. Its customizable layout is outstanding, and it comes with a surplus of widgets. It has a clean look, clear content presentation, and seamless navigation. Above that, the attention to details by the developers makes it a great theme.

The main focus of the theme is functionality. It is evident from its various templates which attempt to cover the day to day website usability and ease of navigation. Right from the search option, the login screen and contact form among other options, it is undoubtedly an extremely useful theme. Even though it is not necessarily glamorous, its features are important and the minimalistic designs make it a suitable choice for many.

Some of its great features include:

Home Page Builder: The drag and drop home builder design built into the Nexus Theme is very simple and easy to use for those people who are not tech-savvy. It gives users total control over the look and layout of their homepage.

Numerous Widgetized areas: Unlike most themes that have limited areas where one can insert widgets, you can have widgets on several areas on the Nexus theme. Besides coming with numerous widgets to choose from, you can also make use of the custom widgets for different purposes such as video, recent posts, social media profiles among others.

Theme Customizer: For those who like to have custom colors and try out new things, Nexus comes with a powerful theme customizer enabling you to test different colors on the website with the unlimited colors to choose from.

The theme is also developed with different shortcodes which enable you to create different custom elements without the need to create them from scratch. The shortcodes allow you to create various elements such as the author bio, column layout, and buttons with or without icons.

The theme is also fully responsive in its design. Therefore it can be used on literally any device, be it a computer, mobile phone or even a tablet.

Theme Features

  • Perpetual Updates
  • Secure and Valid Code
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Complete Localization
  • Advertisement Areas
  • Unparalleled Support
  • Homepage Builder
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Custom Widgets